What is the importance of fuel, oil and air filters in a truck?

Fuel, oil and air filters for trucks are special devices that are designed to remove elements such as dust and internal debris. Their function ensures the performance, power and estimated lifetime of cargo trucks.

Below, we will analyze the characteristics of each of the fuel, oil and air filters to demonstrate the importance they have in each of your truck's systems.

What is the function of fuel, oil and air filters?

Truck filters are devices that have the function of cleaning air, oil or fuel. The strict requirements of filtration systems are as follows:

  • Cleaning efficiency. 
  • Compact size of diesel refraction. 
  • Reliability in its purpose and guarantee of truck operation.
  • Ability to perform functions in critical situations.
  • Construction with high quality materials.
  • Minimum resistance to the element to be cleaned.
  • Fast operation and suitable for the separation of large and small particles.

How do fuel, oil and air filters work?

In general, these types of truck parts consist of a housing and the filter material through which the air, fuel or oil passes. Depending on the element to be cleaned, the characteristics and shape of the part may differ.

Truck fuel filters.

The task of truck fuel filters is to remove foreign elements from the diesel. When the truck does not have a fuel filter, is damaged or is dirty, foreign elements enter the combustion chamber, injectors and other engine elements. As a result, progressive damage to the parts occurs and causes various problems in the truck's operation.

Additionally, another function of the fuel filter is to keep water out of the diesel engine and protect it from damage. 

Recommendations for buying truck fuel filters.

When it comes to replacing one of the truck's filters, it is important to evaluate the type of part, the manufacturer and the following characteristics:

  • Fuel cleanliness level: This category is divided into fine and coarse, in the first case impurities are efficiently removed, while the second option, the truck refill can only filter particles of 0.1 millimeter.
  • Replacement time: Period indicated by the manufacturer for oil filter replacement and comparison with the experience of buyers.

Truck oil filters.

Truck oil filters have the function of removing contaminants from the engine truck and transmission oil, as well as preventing the passage of hydraulic fluids into the automatic transmission. The second purpose of oil filters is to preserve the properties of the lubricant. 

It is recommended to install oil filters that combine full and partial cleaning flow to preserve the proper functioning of the truck's interior.

Recommendations for buying truck oil filters.

  • Type of fuel filter: According to the operation, we can find a wide range of products with full flow, partial flow or combined. Therefore, you should evaluate the requirements of your truck and the relationship between quality-price.
  • Design features: Choose between pleated or non-pleated truck filters according to the price of each one, the conditions and the replacement time.
  • Filter paper quality: Make sure you buy a truck filter that guarantees the filtration degree your truck needs.

Truck Air Filters.

Heavy-duty trucks with diesel engines operate at the limit and require large volumes of air. When trucks are in harsh environments with sand and dust, the air filtration system ensures that these elements do not enter, thus avoiding breakdowns and major repairs. The long-term benefits of truck air filters are increased diesel engine life and the total mileage of the truck is correctly accounted for.

Truck air filters are one of the parts that require the most testing during manufacturing, as they must ensure maximum filtration efficiency to retain even the smallest particles. Meanwhile, truck owners should perform preventive maintenance to periodically replace the truck air filter with a new part in a timely manner. 

Recommendations for buying truck oil filters.

Cheap is expensive, this is one of the reasons why you should evaluate the thickness of the filter paper and make sure that the valve has a correct adjustment. In addition to these criteria, we recommend you to check the following characteristics of the oil filters available in the market to choose the right one for your truck.

Consider the following characteristics and choose between paper, zero resistance or liquid filter type. 

  1. The paper oil filter is the most economical and has a high capacity to retain particles.
  2. The zero-resistance filter has foam inserts and can be reused.
  3. The third is heavier and has lower cleaning efficiency, so it is the least recommended in diesel shops.

All truck filters have an estimated time of use and require periodic replacement, the service life for proper operation is established by the manufacturer and prescribed in the instruction manual.

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