Truck spare parts you should replace often

If you are buying your first truck or managing a fleet of trucks, you should consider a long-term investment in the truck spare parts you will need. Although we cannot predict exactly in how many months you will need to buy new diesel parts, it is possible to determine how many miles your truck must travel to need truck spare parts to prevent a truck system from breaking down.

We are an online truck parts store and we have detected that these truck spare parts are the most commonly replaced – considering that the truck driver has good driving habits and the average use of the cargo trucks –.

Brake pads, truck spare parts frequently changed

Does it smell like burnt brake pads? This unmistakable smell after repeated pedal braking on an inclined descent is the most obvious indicator that your cargo truck needs new brake pads.

Brake pads are one of the truck spare parts that should be replaced frequently due to the driver's driving habits. Usually, road signs indicate or suggest engine braking for long downhill conditions. Pay attention to the signs and avoid constantly changing brake pads.

Clutch, one of the most demanded spare parts for trucks

The clutch is one of the most worn truck spare parts due to the number of speeds that heavy duty trucks have. Remember, tractor-trailers can have a gearbox with many gears.

Operators who drive carefully will need to purchase this truck spare part after approximately 200,000 miles. However, this can be shortened by improper driving.

Operator driving habits are also a factor in the wear or damage to this truck part. Don't forget to maintain the truck's engine throttle and fully depress the clutch pedal to make the gear change.

When the clutch is depressed halfway and you try to shift, you will hear a forced sound coming from the engine parts, this means that the gear shift was made incorrectly and can damage the driving components.

Headlight and taillight, among the most important truck parts

The truck driver's trade is one of the most recognized because of their work schedule, as they must travel the roads at night; especially when crossing from coast to coast or border to border in the United States. For this reason, headlights and taillights are indispensable truck parts and must be constantly checked to ensure they are working properly.

Not only is it necessary to ensure proper operation of a truck's headlights and taillights during overnight trips, it is also important to turn on the headlights when driving under the rain, fog and snow.

If your truck's headlights are flashing, do not illuminate enough or simply do not turn on, visit our online truck parts store and order the truck spare parts you need.

Truck tires are one of the most commonly changed truck spare parts

How many miles have you driven? Truck tires are one of the components of the wheel system with the highest wear due to continuous contact with the asphalt. You will probably have to drive over 100,000 miles to need a new set of heavy truck tires.

Truck tires should always be in good condition, so it is essential to check both the outside roughness of the tire and the air pounds. These truck parts are the most important, and in high demand during winter, because of snow-covered roads. The weather conditions crystallize the asphalt and turn it into a slippery flat, increasing the danger of the road.

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