How to know that your Heavy-Duty Truck Transmission is failing?

What are the clues to identify that these truck parts are failing? Here are the main signs that this part of the diesel engine has problems.

The transmission for heavy trucks takes the weight of the load and withstands road conditions, so it is one of the most frequently replaced parts in truck repair shops.

Like other diesel parts, small problems in the heavy truck transmission can turn into major failures that can affect the rest of the unit. In addition, the repair budget can increase considerably when the problem becomes more serious.

While truck fleets receive ongoing, routine maintenance, independent operators should be on the lookout for the following signs of failure to make the necessary repairs in a timely manner.

Noises in the truck transmission

The first warning sign is detecting unusual noises while driving or maneuvering your tractor-trailer or heavy-duty truck. Sometimes, the noises sound like “growling” noises that are generated by worn gears or low transmission fluid.

Can't accelerate? It's probably your truck transmission

The truck transmission sends the power generated by the engine to the rear tires to generate traction and accelerate. All truckers probably know how the transmission works and its importance within the engine system, but some forget that it could be the cause of the problem when they can't accelerate properly.

When the transmission air filter is clogged or broken, the operator will have trouble controlling driving speed. In other words, even if he pushes the accelerator pedal to the floor, he will not have the necessary revolutions for the corresponding acceleration.

Keep an eye on your truck's dashboard

Your truck's dashboard is your repair guide, as long as it is working properly. All operators know that the lights on their dashboard are an alarm or caution about the status of their truck, yet few pay attention to these signals. While there is no specific light to detect transmission problems, lights on can be the first indication of a major truck engine repair.

Paying the necessary attention to these warning lights on the dashboard, allows the replacement of truck trailer parts in a timely manner and prevents truck problems from worsening.

Loss of truck steering control

Without a doubt, this is one of the most important and alarming signs of all, as it endangers both the truck operator's life and the lives of pedestrians. When transmission gears are worn, they become a driving hazard, especially on long, hilly roads.

If you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, you must hit the brakes quickly.

Fortunately, modern transmissions allow you to reach a neutral point, where the transmission will only operate in one gear. This will be enough to get you to the nearest truck repair shop safely. Buy truck parts online and make adjustments to your unit, or take a truck to a diesel shop.

Leaking or leaking? You need to replace these truck transmission parts

Finally, dripping or leaking transmission fluid is the most obvious sign of what truck transmission parts are damaged. Recall that this fluid functions as a lubricant for the operation of the truck transmission.

A bright red drop can be a serious problem, we recommend you to replace the old transmission fluid and replace the necessary truck parts.

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